Dr. Ulrike Freitag

Professor Dr. Ulrike Freitag
Leiterin „Zentrum Moderner Orient“, Berlin
Vortragsthema: Die historische Bedeutung Jeddahs (mit Powerpoint Projektion)
Datum: Donnerstag, den 25. September, 18.00 Uhr

Ulrike Freitag, a historian of the modern Middle East, has been the director of  Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin since October 2002.

After studying in Freiburg, Bonn and Damascus, Ulrike Freitag wrote her PhD on “Syrian Historiography, 1920-1990: between science and  ideology” (1991). From 1993 she was a lecturer for the modern history of the Near and Middle East at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. In 2002 she completed her state doctorate  on “Indian Ocean Migrants and State Formation in Hadhramaut” (Leiden 2003) in the field of Islamic studies. She was appointed professor for Islamic studies at Freie Universität Berlin in 2002.

Among her publications are  Geschichtsschreibung in Syrien, 1920-1990 (Hamburg 1991), Hadhrami Traders, Scholars and Statesmen in the Indian Ocean, 1750s-1960s (ed. with William Clarence-Smith, Leiden 1997), Indian Ocean Migrants and State Formation in Hadhramaut (Leiden 2003),  Translocality. Challenging the “Local-Global” Dichotomy (ed. with Achim von Oppen, Leiden 2010), Saudi-Arabien – ein Königreich im Wandel? (ed., Paderborn 2010), The City in the Ottoman Empire (with Malte Fuhrmann, Nora Lafi, Florian Riedler, London 2011), Arab Encounters with Fascist Propagangda 1933-1945 (with Israel Gershoni), Geschichte und Gesellschaft, 37 (3), 2011, Urban Violence in the Middle East (with Nelida Fuccaro, Nora Lafi, Fatemeh Masjedi and Claudia Schöder).